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Over the years, our products have undergone tremendous changes, and the objective of each change has been the same - to further better the quality of our products. We are a Quality-oriented organization and therefore, our focus is constantly on enhancing the durability, efficiency and functionality of our products. To complement our attitude is a work culture that allows innovation and creativity. The work culture is grounded in a value system that believes in fulfilling promises made to customers, channel partners, business associates, team members and stakeholders.

JYOTI ZINC COAT TMT BARS – The New Age Galvanised TMT Bar



JYOTI the flagship brand of Madhav KRG Group, has been a pioneer when it comes to Innovation and Quality enhancement. Steel has always been an essential part of every foundation, and what better way to augment the foundation than to give a robust and long lasting TMT Bar.

Presenting JYOTI ZINC COAT TMT Bars, with specialised Zinc Coating and manufactured for the First time in India by CGR Technology – Continuous Galvanising rebars. The Zinc coated TMT Bars are much superior and have a advanced life span, plus adding to the product appeal is a better product outlook and unique packaging.

Specialised Coating Technique

JYOTI ZINC Coat TMT bars are coated with Zinc and then surface passivation treatment is carried out on them. This induces a Protective layer onto the TMT Bar. Therefore the result is a double layered Final product thereby creating more life for the TMT bars inside a concrete environment.

Zinc provides unbeatable protection which is much advance than other coating options. Coating process is carried out by patented Continuous Galvanizing Rebars (CGR) providing optimal coating thickness, which makes certain a finer final product that is resistant to corrosion. The product has consistent & uniform coating thickness, with zero coating gaps in Final output.

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Jyoti ZINC Coat Tempcore TMT Bars vs Ordinary TMT Bars

Since the salt spray test is a standardized, most practiced and accepted corrosion test method as per ASTM B117-11, which is used to verify corrosion resistance of surface coating. Comparative salt spray testing (continuous exposure to 5% NaCI) of Jyoti ZINC Coat TMT bars and ordinary rebars showed that there was absolutely negative rust on Jyoti ZINC Coat TMT bars, and that too after 100 hours of exposure to the solution. Whereas the uncoated ordinary rebars developed a complete superficial red oxide layer just after a short exposure period of 20 hours.

Few Applications of Jyoti ZINC Coat Tempcore TMT Bars


Specialized Structures


Express Highways



Zncoat TMT Bar Bend Test

  • CGR process results in a flexible and adherent galvanized coating with no thick Zinc-Iron alloy layers.
  • The coated rebar can be bent, stretched, twisted or otherwise fabricated after the galvanizing process is completed without cracking or flaking the coating, regardless of the total coating mass.
  • As a result, there is no Zinc loss due to brittleness during forming in the field.

Advantages Of ZINC COAT

ZINC Coat Tempcore TMT Bars

Advantages of Jyoti ZINC Coat Tempcore TMT Bars

  • Protection from Rust (Salt spray life min. 100 hours in 5% NaCI solution)
  • Dual Protection layering with CGR (Zinc coating with Passivation)
  • Enhanced bond strength of rebar with concrete
  • Product Available in HDPE Micro (60-80 kg) & Macro bundles (upto 2 tons)
  • Bendability and Weldability are equivalent to normal uncoated rebars
  • No peeling of Coating
  • Earthquake resistance

Important Facts

of Galvanized Rebar in comparison with un coated TMT Rebars

  • Increase in Life of steel by 2 times
  • 2%-4% increase in Bonding Strength

Steel That Promises

more value to your buildings

  • Higher benefit vs cost
  • Enriched product with prolonged life
  • Greater product satisfaction rate

Handling Norms

  • It is extremely essential to use only GI binding wires with Jyoti Zinc Coat Tempcore TMT Bars
  • Jyoti Zinc Coat Tempcore TMT Bars preferably should not be stored and used alongside uncoated TMT Bars
  • Sufficient measures should be taken to make sure that bundles are not dragged on rough surfaces

Why Choose Galvanized Rebar?

  • Superior Corrosion Protection
  • Unparalleled Bond Strength
  • Exceptional Life Cycle Cost
  • No Special Handling
  • Beauty that Lasts
  • GSM - 350 (Minimum)