Founder Message - Madhav KRG Group

Founder Message

Sudhir Goyal - Managing Director
Efficient utilization of Energy and Nature’s Resources is the mantra of Madhav KRG Group in achieving our set goals.

We strongly believe that positive outcomes are the results of following accurate Techniques, Procedures and Systems, and in our organisation, we have dedicated systems to ensure compliance with established standards in every aspect.

We consistently bestow value on ‘GIVING’, be it giving to the Quality of Products, Remuneration, Services, Systems or the Society. Giving oneself whole-heartedly to any cause brings real success, and we have applied this principle to all spheres of our work. Owing to our strong value system, we have developed robust relationships with our Customers and stakeholders.

Sudhir Goyal
Managing Director ~

At Madhav KRG Group, we believe in long term relationships, and to maintain them, we promote an environment that is conducive to their growth.

We are always approachable for our existing stakeholders and humbly welcome any new vendors who may want to get associated with us. By offering business opportunities equally to our vendors, we promote impartiality and contribute to equitable economic development.

We value government’s regulatory policies as guidelines for our business, and by following them, we synchronize the company’s growth with the nation’s goals. Our focus is to contribute whole-heartedly to the overall socio-economic development of not just our immediate families and society, but the nation at large.

Quality assurance is not just another step in our manufacturing process, rather it is a part of the culture of our organisation. Our company ensures that each process of steel manufacturing is impeccable, from procuring raw materials to manufacturing to delivering the finished products to our customers.

Sanjeev Goyal
Director ~

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