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Over the years, our products have undergone tremendous changes, and the objective of each change has been the same - to further better the quality of our products. We are a Quality-oriented organization and therefore, our focus is constantly on enhancing the durability, efficiency and functionality of our products. To complement our attitude is a work culture that allows innovation and creativity. The work culture is grounded in a value system that believes in fulfilling promises made to customers, channel partners, business associates, team members and stakeholders.

Pipe & Tube - ZNCOAT

Pipe & Tube - JYOTI ZNCOAT 120


We provides products and services with the aim of building trust and improving the lives of consumers,. Pre Galvanized Pipes and Sections are generally manufactured through a Galvanized coil. All Pre galvanized pipes and sections are manufactured accordance with OEM specification. These Pipesand Sections have structural integrity and are resistant to corrosive environment. Varieties of product available in Pre galvanized Pipes & Sections in the form of Rectangular, Square, and Round with different range of thickness and length as per customer requirement .Including this we also have in-house own facilities of Continuous Galvanizing Line to galvanized HR/CR Coil.

Pipe & Tube - ZNCOAT
High Quality

Presence of an In-house Research & Testing facility ensures each JYOTI ZNCOAT 120 product confers to stringent quality norms.

Customer Satisfaction

Trust of the customer is our most precious assets and we go a long way in delivering the best of it.

Automatic German Plant

With a large production capacity meeting and delivering demand & supply expectations is done with ease.

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Why Galvanized Pipe Different from MSPipe?

The Characteristics of Galvanised pipe is such that it is absolutely Rust Free, hence it does not loose it’s strength. The biggest advantage here is No paint work ever required.

Galvanizing is a technical process for rustproofing iron and steel by the application of a special zinc coating. Ordinary Steelrusts hen left unprotected in almost any environment. Applying a coating of zinc to steel is an effectual and cost-effectivemeans to shield itfrom corrosion.

Benefit is Rust Free which result in boosted Strength and long life. Another leading advantage is Presentation of the product itself, which looks striking with a clear finish forever.

With Zero Paint cost to be incurred forever, Galvanised pipes truly induce savings over long term usage and eventually it creates a win win proposition.

As an outcome of Homogeneous coating all through the Pipe, Galvanised pipes can easily withstand any mechanical deformation, without affecting their zinc coating to alter the parent material.

Manufactured in one of its kind Latest Technology Plant with a par excellence product output. The brand itself a carries a legacy of 20 years for providing Quality materials.

Across North India , our dealers are present and they cater to majority of cities and towns. Soon the product will be available across other regions of the Nation.

Manufactured with the most stringent Quality Norms, and thereby producing a World Class Product for truly a World class customer experience. Focus of unparalleled service forms the basis of our ideology. Large production ensures a continuous supply with a variety of sizes. Our products confirm to all established standards laid down and also our focus to rapidly provide most advance products to our Customers, makes JYOTI ZNCOAT-120 the intelligent choice.