A world of opportunities await you at
Madhav KRG Group!

At Madhav KRG Group, our strength is our people. One of our goals is to develop this strength by recruiting and developing a diverse group of talented individuals to lead the Steel Industry.

Since 2002 , Madhav KRG Group has been synonymous with integrity, strong work ethics, and a drive to achieve results. From the beginning, our success has been backed by the hard-work, dedication and creativity of our people, and today we’re more committed than ever to creating work environments that reward talent and serve the well-being of our employees.

We always welcome talented and goal-oriented people and look after them.

Why Choose Us

We believe in a work-culture that is based on ethics, gives people creative liberty and encourages them to innovate. For us, our team members are not just resources, but our capital, and we encourage them to grow in a holistically. We value everyone’s physical, mental and emotional well-being and for that, we have created a work environment that is conducive to growth, happiness, security and prosperity.

“People drive the organizational growth”

"How we do things"

Our people are smart, resilient, creative, and committed to doing the right thing. Together, we take a collaborative approach to creating sound business solutions that leverage the latest technologies. For that, we are always looking for people whose different ideas, background, skills, and talents can drive innovative approaches to advancing the boundaries of steelmaking, customer service, and our collective strength.


Passion + Talent

If you are interested in building a career with a competitive, ethic-based organization which adds to your value system and have the potential to:
  • Think out of the box
  • Embrace opportunities for challenging career assignments
  • Develop into a well-rounded leader who can meet the challenges of an innovative, technologically advanced industry,

Then, you are the right fit for Madhav KRG Group