Vision, Mission & Value - Madhav KRG Group

Purpose, Vision, Mission & Value


Accelerating India’s growth by enabling Green Infrastructure.

Vision 2024

A Trusted and Preferred Brand for Customers, Associates & Employees; Producing 1Million MT Steel Products by 2024


  • Innovation & Technology:
    By setting new benchmarks in current Status quo of Industry in respective category.
  • Customer Delight:
    By delivering substantial value for money in terms of Products and Services with cheerfulness.
  • Employees Augmentation:
    By nurturing abilities and enriching capabilities through compassion, Mentoring and Belongingness.
  • Preserving Relations:
    By valuing ‘Win-Win’ relationships with Stake Holders and Business Associates for longer term.
  • Sustainable Future:
    By giving back more than what we took from Society, Environment and Country at large.

Core Values

  • Integrity:
    Steering business fairly with honesty and transparency.
  • Excellence:
    Consistently strive to achieve the optimum potential and productivity in all over operations.
  • Patriotism:
    Generate economic value for the nation and ensure compliance with law of the land.
  • Empowerment:
    Empowering by making our individuals responsible.
  • Humility:
    Respect and value people to sustain human dignity.
  • Unity:
    Building Cohesive & Strong relations by encouraging open and transparent communication within the company.