Madhav KRG Group - Jyoti TMT, Pipes & Tubes
Madhav KRG Group

Madhav KRG Group


No of Employee

10+ States

Distribution Network
Jammu, Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Delhi


No. Of Dealers

6.5 Lacs

Production Capacity of Steel


Years of Steel Business


Lives through CSR
Madhav KRG Group is not only a steel manufacturing enterprise; it is the home of skilled professionalism, consistency, authenticity and credibility.

Our flagship brand, ‘JYOTI’, realizes the need for a competent workforce that works whole-heartedly for the highest level of client satisfaction and helps the company achieve its targets and goals. The strength of our relationships with employees is visible in each aspect of the company as we believe that the growth of our employees signifies our growth.

Integrated Quality Management Systems

Quality is a priority at our company, and therefore, we have deployed Integrated Quality Management Systems all across our organization. These systems continuously monitor each and every step of production and ensure that our products match international standards. Due to our emphasis on quality in each and every aspect of the product, we have developed robust, long-standing relationships with our clients.

Steel Manufacturing

Madhav KRG Group envisions itself as a market leader by maintaining consistent delivery of efficient, high-quality and robust products to its clientele. It has synergized its efforts towards the achievement of this vision. It is said that a vision without execution is simply a hallucination and ‘JYOTI’, thus, strives to keep innovating and making its products better using the latest technologies with the aim of delivering more than what is expected. Coupled with this attitude of constant product innovation and client satisfaction is the company’s’ determination and perseverance.