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Over the years, our products have undergone tremendous changes, and the objective of each change has been the same - to further better the quality of our products. We are a Quality-oriented organization and therefore, our focus is constantly on enhancing the durability, efficiency and functionality of our products. To complement our attitude is a work culture that allows innovation and creativity. The work culture is grounded in a value system that believes in fulfilling promises made to customers, channel partners, business associates, team members and stakeholders.

Billet & Bloom

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We manufacture Billets which is IS 2830 and IS 2831 Grade approved.We manufacture Billets and Blooms at our Steel Melting Shops in Alloy, Carbon and Mild Steel Grades. Our facilities have been designed in a unique integrated manner, in which the Hot Metal from our Blast Furnace is directly poured in the SMS through ladles and overhead cranes. In the furnaces, DRI and Ferro Alloys are added in appropriate mixes to manufacture Liquid Steel. Our Oxygen Plant provides the furnaces with oxygen, required to create an oxidizing atmosphere in them for manufacture of steel.

A billet is typically cast to a rectangular or square cross section compatible with secondary processing. Billets are created directly via continuous casting or extrusion or indirectly via hot rolling an ingot or bloom. Billets are used as raw material for the manufacture of TMT and structural products.

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High Quality

Quality is not an act; it’s a habit of high intensions, sincere efforts intelligent direction and skill full execution. Our Pillar of strength is the refined organizational strength, able and highly qualified manpower. All this is what led us to a remarkable production capacity of 3 Laces tones per annum.

Customer Satisfaction

Trust of the customer is our most precious assets and we go a long way in delivering the best of it. Be it any of our product it reflect harmony of Quality with trust.

Automatic German Plant

We manufacture premium quality billets, which conform to international quality standards. The range of our steel billets has features like higher strength, excellent pressure tightness and excellent conduction towards heat and electricity.

Features Of Billet & Bloom

Billets & Bloom
Available Sizes

Characterstics Of Billets & Bloom

  • Suitable for Ring Rolling, Forging, Re-rolling & Up-setting.
  • Maximum length up to 9 meters
  • Cold Sawable
  • Hard Stamped with Heat Number, Grade & Size & Weight of the Billet
  • Spot Ground or Fully Ground Surface - as per the requirement
  • 100% material identity tested
  • Free from surface defects & Cracks
  • Smooth ends (without burrs) / No sharp edges