Integrated Quality Management System - Madhav KRG Group


Integrated Quality Management System

Quality is always our prime concern when it comes to delivering products; this is why we have established an IQMS in our company.

The IQMS in our company is responsible for the fulfillment of two converging goals - firstly, ensuring the quality of finished products, and secondly, enabling compliance with set standards in all the processes of manufacturing, from acquiring raw materials to delivering the finished product.

This advanced system guides us to adhere to the highest standards of quality in all aspects of manufacturing and helps us keep our processes optimized.


Madhav KRG Group’s products are of unrivalled quality because we believe in sustaining healthy manufacturing practices. We have done extensive research and development in the field of manufacturing to optimize our processes and ensure that all our products meet international standards.

IQMS works towards continuous improvements through internal, external audits as per ISO and EHS standards

While we do go the extra mile to ensure the quality of our products, we also keep our focus on optimum use of natural resources, energy and energy sources. We continually try to improve the working environment and integrated Quality management system of the company with the aim of reducing negative environmental impacts, as well as the number of traumas and accidents. Additionally, we aim to ensure the compliance of the operations of the MKRG Limited with legal frameworks.