What is the Difference Between Patra & HR Coil?

What is the Difference Between Patra & HR Coil ?

Both Patra and Hot-rolled (HR) strips are used extensively in construction. While both the products are made of steel, there is a significant difference between them which affects their quality, suitability of usage and price. Here are the key differences between Patra & HR Coil.

What is the Difference Between Patra & HR Coil ?
Parameter Patra HR Strip
Manufacturing Process Patra is rolled in a non-standardized “Patra Mill” which does not usually have any provisions for improving the quality of the product. HR Coil, on the other hand, are rolled in standardized steel mills which have provisions for qualitative improvements in the product.
Quality of Raw Materials Patra is manufactured using ingots casted from low quality raw material or other commercial grade low quality raw material. HR Coil are made using slabs, blooms and billets of iron ore. These slabs, blooms and billets are cast from pure material.
Chemical Composition The chemical composition of Patra cannot be controlled owing to the non-standardised rolling process and low quality raw material. The quality of HR Coil is compliant with international standards because of their standardised manufacturing process and use of top quality raw materials
Surface Finish The surface finish of patra is rough because of its rolling process and low quality raw material The surface finish of HR Coil is uniform and smooth owing to the superior quality of raw material and advanced manufacturing process
Thickness & Consistency The thickness and consistency of patra may not be uniform owing to its manufacturing process. The thickness and consistency of HR Coil is uniform and smooth.
Width Variation The variation in the width of patra is high. The variation in the width of HR Coil or coils is limited.
Physical Properties The physical properties of patra are not homogeneous throughout the product as quality control is not possible in its manufacturing process. HR Coil follow a technically advanced manufacturing process, which ensures that the product follows the standards uniformly with regards to physical properties.

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