Rectangular Mild Steel Pipes and Their Applications

Rectangular Mild Steel Pipes and Their Applications

In the world of infrastructure, mild steel (MS) pipes have an important place. MS pipes are pipes made from steel, which has a carbon content of less than 0.25%. There are different grades of mild steel depending upon the carbon content present in the steel. Other elements may be added to this steel for enhancing its corrosion resistance, wear resistance and tensile strength. The high level of weldability and machinability of this type of steel makes it highly suitable for a range of applications including piping and tubing.

Rectangular Hollow Section For Structural Purpose - MS Pipes and Tubes

Properties of Rectangular MS Steel Pipesl

  • They have high tensile strength.
  • Owing to the presence of a high amount of iron and ferrite, they have magnetic properties.
  • They have a lifespan of many years, but they will get oxidised if they are not properly coated with the right materials.
  • They are more affordable in comparison to other steels.
  • They are easy to weld and customize according to different requirements.

Applications of Rectangular MS Steel Pipes

  • They are used for structural purposes such as making industrial sheds. Rectangular MS pipes can be used for making strong frames and the shed can be completed with steel sheets.
  • They are used for making bridges.
  • They are used extensively in making radio masts and telecom towers.
  • They are used in creating a mine roof support system.
  • They are needed for constructing scaffoldings.
  • They can also be used for constructing fences.

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