Galvanized Pipes and Tubes

Galvanized Pipes and Tubes and Their Uses in Our Homes

Galvanized tubes & pipes are an essential component of buildings. They are made of steel and have zinc coating on them. The process of coating the pipes and tubes with zinc is called galvanizing. Zinc chemically bonds itself to the steel, which is a ferrous material, and therefore, susceptible to rust and corrosion. Zinc deteriorates slowly, and therefore, increases the age of the pipes and tubes by protecting them from rust and corrosion. The thicker the coating of zinc, the better the protection of the pipes and tubes.

Benefits of Using Galvanized Pipes and Tubes

  • Galvanized pipes and tubes are very durable and have a long life. They have better impact resistance and anti-wear properties than ordinary steel pipes because zinc has a greater hardness value than steel.
  • They have a high level of abrasion resistance and can withstand harsh weather conditions such as wind and rain.
  • They are easy to handle during transportation and application and can be implemented in structures easily.
  • They are resistant to corrosion and road salts.
  • They do not need additional coats of paint.
  • They are easy to examine for damage. They can be inspected with the naked eye.
  • The materials in the inner cavity of the pipes and tubes have a high level of protection because zinc is very hard to penetrate.
  • Owing to their durability and hardiness, they do not need a high level of maintenance or repair.

Indoor and Outdoor Applications of Galvanized Pipes and Tubes

Galvanized pipes and tubes have several indoor and outdoor applications in buildings including homes. Some of them are -

  • Hot and cold water supply in bathrooms
  • Kitchen plumbing
  • Home drainage systems