Madhav KRG Group



Fabricator Meeting

Madhav KRG Group believes in staying on top of industry trends at all times and also helping the local construction community stay updated. The Fabricator Meetings conducted by us bring together fabricators from the local community and other parts of the country together to share knowledge, solve problems and discuss new ideas.

We share key findings concerning new trends that have been synthesized from extensive research so that fabricators can adapt quickly to an ever-changing market. Furthermore, the problems being faced by fabricators are highlighted to encourage collaborative problem-solving among members of the group.

Madhav KRG Academy

Collaborating the Best Colleges and Universities (Learning Partners) for the betterment of the Educations System, Society with Skill Enhancement. Knowledge and Skill Exchange program between Madhav KRG Group and Learning Partner. Skill Development of the Masons/Fabricators/Welders/Architects etc by enhancing their skills through various program and courses. Special and Short Courses for Masons/Fabricators/Welders/Architects etc

Scope of Work

To take care of the fabrication and related activities. It requires about welders and other specialists skills. At skill development level, the Learning Partner and Corporate Training Centres to impart hands-on training together with basic knowledge on welding processes, tools and accessories used, and safety precautions . The Trainees are offered Certificates on competition. At a higher level, there are Learning Partners Institutes where fabricators go through fundamentals of various courses related to welding and allied areas together with hands-on practice over a period.